Nat Tsolak – Director










Nat Tsolak has developed The School of Laughter as a training and personal development provider based on Improvisation. Nat is a coach, Improv teacher and consultant with over 15 years international experience in training, leading and facilitating groups. Nat puts positive psychology into practice with fun, play and laughter.   In the past 15 years he has worked on innovative projects and events in the private and public sector. Nat is a member of the British Psychological Society.

His qualifications include an M.Phil in behavioural psychology and MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the Imperial College. Nat has been trained in Improv Comedy by the founder of modern Impro, Keith Johnstone, including a number of teachers and schools in London , such as Imprology,  Second City & UCB trainers in London, Spontaneity Shop and Hoopla Impro. Nat was also trained in stand-up comedy by Logan Murray author of ‘Be a Great Stand-Up: Teach Yourself’. He is a graduate of Dr Madan Kataria’s Laughter Techniques Programme and Sebastien Gentry’s Laughter Wellness Training.

Nat often contributes to popular television programmes, such as BackChat with Jack Whitehall, Norwegian and Japanese TV, Nat is also a regular on BBC Radio.

  Melody Fears – Content Manager

Melody first started writing as a child; at sixteen, she won a young playwright competition and had her piece produced and broadcast on English 35547_404970637044_5068055_nnational radio. She has also had poetry and essays published. Writing has always been the way she best explores and understands her experience of life. She has attended numerous courses and studied extensively on the art and technique of writing across all platforms.

Melody has been helping others write creatively for many years. She believes strongly in the healing power of writing and has developed techniques and exercises to encourage the words to flow. She shares these techniques and exercises in her own workshops and courses, and has worked one-to-one with many writers, from poets to science fiction authors.

Melody has also been involved in theatre since she was a child. As a teen she toured with several productions, from Shakespeare to pantomime, which she took around the UK, and to France and America. As an adult, she has been involved with many community theatre projects. Her other main love is travel. She first left home with a bag on her back two weeks after her eighteenth birthday and her journeys have taken her to six continents, with a notebook and pen forever in her pocket. She writes so that she may share her experiences with others, and so she may have a way of understanding what her experiences mean to her.

Most recently, Melody has returned from a year and a half in India, where she set up a creative healing space together with two friends. There she held workshops in creative writing, art and collaborative workshops blending writing with improvisation and other theatrical techniques. Now back in London, she is continuing her writing workshops and exploring ways that she can integrate writing with theatre and comedy.

She gained a first-class degree in biology from the University of London, her research contributing to published work; and has worked in events management for three large UK national charities.[/fusion_text][/fullwidth]