You know electric cars – do you have to pull the plug out when there’s thunder and lightning?

Just a random thought I had as I was waking up one morning. I hadn’t even opened my eyes. Where did that come from? Just a random thought, the start of a joke? Well now I’ve got to get up and write it down before I forget it because if I leave it, I will forget. So, I made a note on the memo app on my phone. I’ll come back to that later and then transfer it to my notebook, and then type it up, and then write it on an index card as a heading or maybe write it on my hand!

I have so many bits of paper, notebooks, documents on Dropbox, all filled with ideas, and all as messy as the inside of my head. I wonder if Barbara Cartland had this problem when she was penning her ideas? I must admit I do love a Stationery shop, a nice pen and new a notebook, makes me feel organised. But I’ve got hundreds of them, all filled with random thoughts. I’m not sure I want to pass these onto my kids, because they’d get me sectioned. Though at the same time, I can imagine my books being handed down through the generations, Ye Olde Joke Books.

Not the same if it’s all kept digitally. ‘Come and look at your Great, Great, Great, Great Grandmother’s comedy set on the computer kids. Wow look at the font, she used Calibri, that’s so 21st Century’.

Actually, they probably won’t be able to look at anything on the computer because computers won’t exist as we know them. They’ll have direct wireless transfer straight into bio-organic nanochips in their heads. All thoughts can just be instantly 3-D printed straight from the brain!  Oooo now there’s a Dragon’s Den idea!

I keep thinking that I really should stick to one method for writing material down. So many notes in so many different places, I lose track. But it turns out, I’m not the only one with notes all over the shop.

Last week as I sat back stage with four other comedians, one by one we pulled out our plethora of notes and placed them on the table. One had a nice little notebook, one had lots of loose pages pulled from a spiral notepad and was shuffling them into some kind of order, one was scrolling through notes on his phone, and the other sat with his eyes closed, head back on the seat. He was either really tired or was running through his material in his head. I had my set typed up on A4 paper, as well my notebook and index cards with the headings of each section written across the top.

Everyone’s method intrigues me. The headline act said all his various ideas, musings and material was spread across all sort of mediums. He uses a notebook, his iPhone, his iPad, a voice recorder and Word on his Mac. Oh man! I thought he was going to give me THE ONE MAGIC TOOL I needed to keep everything organised in one place!!

So at one gig we had One Note and Google Docs, we had Word docs saved on Dropbox and Evernote documents saved to The Cloud.  (I have no idea where this Cloud is they speak of. Are there millions of bits of paper flapping about over my head somewhere?) We had a voice recorder on a mobile, a hardback notebook with motivational quotes on the front (that was mine btw), A4 paper, notepad scribbles, index cards, and someone who doesn’t even write their material down!! WHAT! Just wait a minute!! It gives me a minor panic attack thinking about it – I can’t remember what I did yesterday!! To not write your material down, ANYWHERE, wow! I mean just Wow!

Have we missed any other methods? Please don’t tell me there are other ways to make notes because my brain won’t cope with any more mediums?

Yes Sarah. You have missed one!

WHAT! What can it be?

Well, thanks to Stuart Goldsmith’s interview with Angela Barnes on his Comedians’ Comedian Podcast, I have discovered yet another way. Drum roll please…..

“The Magic White Board”!!! A4 sheets that stick to your wall. And not just in white. There is also green, AND pink. Or if you prefer, the “A4 Reusable Magic Whiteboard Notebook & Dry Erase Correctable Pen”!! Or if you want to think big, you can go for the A0 sized “Magic Whiteboard with FREE Clicky Marker”.

OMG! Mind Mapping Heaven!

So my order of 60 A4 sheets will hopefully be arriving this week. Special Offer: buy 2 get 3rd FREE (just pre-empting by daughter stealing a pack of 20 for her bedroom wall to match mine by my bedside). Along with 9 Magic Whiteboard Clicky Markers, Black, Blue and Red Retractable dry erase markers (no top to lose). 

OH NOOOOO! So how do I sync the ideas I’ll write on these sheets? I guess I’ll just have to take a photo, transfer the pictures from my phone to my laptop, save them on my hard drive, back them up on Dropbox and then sync my phone to my Google Drive! Sigh!

I couldn’t get to work the other morning. I’d put my electric car on charge overnight, we’d had a thunder storm and my mum had pulled the plug out!

Sarah Johnson