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Daniel Klein: Gorgias the Ancient Greek Stand-Up Comedian

“First and foremost, nothing exists; second, even if it exists, it is inapprehensible to man; third, even if it is apprehensible, still it is without doubt incapable of being expressed or explained to the next man.” GORGIAS OF LEONTINI, GREEK ORATOR AND PHILOSOPHER (485–380 BC), SOPHIST AND PROTO-NIHILIST (As paraphrased by SEXTUS EMPIRICUS, [160–210 AD], [...]

Mark Vernon: Menippus of Gadara on the seriousness of laughing

A cheeky smile hangs on the face of Menippus, as painted by the Spanish artist, Velazquez. He looks out at the viewer, half turned away, a sizable chickpea nose separating saucy, knowing eyes that dare you to follow him. He wears the clothes of a commoner, a heavy black cloak that reaches from his shoulders [...]

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Ancient Greece: Laughter and Emotional Honesty

Sparta and the word spartans, indicate a very military and a spartan life. Certainly, it is not the first ancient Greek city that comes to mind when we think of laughter, humor and comedy. Can one ever envisage wit, jokes and laughter with a spartan life? Prof. Prof Edith Hall in her recent book 'Introducing [...]

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