John Berger: On Laughter

Laughter is not a reaction but a contribution. What can happen in twenty-four hours may outlast a century. .... Of the seven court jesters whom Velázquez painted close-up portraits of, three were dwarfs, one was boss-eyed, and two were rigged out in absurd costumes. Only one looked relatively normal – Pablo from Valladolid. Their job [...]

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Marina Abramovic: I just want to be hilarious

​First time Marina Abramovic appeared onto my radar was through her, often shared on social media, the eye gazing stunt, "The Artist is Present" at New York's Museum of Modern Art. I had a bit of an insight on how it feels to gaze at someone's eyes for a while. This was some years back, [...]

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Art and Laughter: Dadaism

"Laughter is a reaction against rigidity." "Possessed, as we were, of the ability to entrust ourselves to 'chance', to our conscious as well as our unconscious minds, we became a sort of public secret society. We were known, to laymen and experts alike, more by our roars of laughter than by the things we were [...]

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The Art of Creative Thinking: Take Jokes Seriously

"When Mark Zuckerberg helped to create Facebook, he wasn’t trying to build a global company; he was indulging in subversive humor. Facebook was developed to allow fellow students at Harvard to select the best-looking person from a choice of photos. It caused outrage and was banned by the college, but it was so popular that [...]

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