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Sam Bain: Four Steps To Writing Comedy

1. Take a leap  Your weird thoughts might match what others think. We proved that the thoughts we used thoughts as voiceovers to Peep Show - it felt like finding goldmine. 2. Buddy up Writing in a partnership is much more sociable, and very different to writing on your own. It takes away a lot [...]

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George Orwell: Every joke is a tiny revolution 

The Great age of English humorous writing — not witty and not satirical, but simply humorous — was the first three quarters of the nineteenth century. Within that period lie Dickens's enormous output of comic writings, Thackeray's brilliant burlesques and short stories, such as ‘The Fatal Boots’ and ‘A Little Dinner at Timmins's, Surtees'sHandley Cross, Lewis [...]

Sarah Johnson: Notes From a Small Comedian

You know electric cars – do you have to pull the plug out when there’s thunder and lightning? Just a random thought I had as I was waking up one morning. I hadn’t even opened my eyes. Where did that come from? Just a random thought, the start of a joke? Well now I’ve got [...]

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Paul Entwistle: Dozy Cat Algorithms

‘Why don’t Rastafarians go on canal barge holidays? Because the dread locks.’ Boom. I did my first set at a Gong style comedy night the other week. The one I did (The Blackout in Greenwich) gives you 2 mins to get started before you can be voted off. I believe at some of the others [...]

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Interview with Bennett Arron: The Funniest Thing

We caught up with author, script writer, comedian, documentary maker, teacher and identity fraud expert, Bennett Arron. Bennett is teaching Sitcom and Comedy Writing on the 25 of March in London. The funniest film I've ever seen ​I remember the first film that made me laugh out loud (before LOL had even been invented) was AIRPLANE. [...]

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Paul Entwistle: Comedy Writing for Beginners 

​‘I went to have my tea leaves read by a fortune teller and she told me I was going to go on a long journey to Egypt. Turns out I’d just used pyramid tea bags.’ Comedy gold I’m sure you’ll agree Ladies and Gentlemen. So it’s been a bit of a slow start to the [...]

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Tim Ferris: Tools of Titans – B. J. Novak

“A good comedy operates the exact same way a good mystery operates. [Which is] the punchline is something that is right in front of your face the whole time and you never would have put your finger on it.” B.J. Novak (TW: @BJNOVAK) is best known for his work on NBC’s Emmy Award–winning comedy series The [...]

Logan Murray – The Tyranny of Work: How to motivate the comic mind

Part 1 Every comedy writer goes through a stage (usually several times a week), when they stare blankly out of the window and wonder if they will ever have another creative idea ever again. A black fug descends and every idea seems laboured or banal. An over-riding desire to sort out your sock draw arises. [...]

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John Yorke: Into The Woods: Cental Plank to Jokes and Storytelling

"Bad writing explains; good writing shows. Andrew Stanton noted that his theory of 2+2 =?  - of showing rather than telling - doesn't just apply to images. 'I want to get an abortion, but my boyfriend and I are having trouble conceiving.' American comedian Sarah Silveran's joke is built on a classic subversion of expectation. [...]

BE PREPARED: PLAY! by Logan Murray

The one thing we can count on as inevitable as we roll around on this ball of earth is that change is inevitable. Fashions change; hairstyles change (or in the case of 85% of men, recede); mobile phones break more easily.  It seems only 75 million years ago when your forebears were dodging dinosaurs and [...]

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