Anand Rao: The fear of humiliation has limited my enjoyment of life more times than I care to mention

I have been an engineering consultant for over a decade, and the role of being ‘an expert’ (in any profession) often carries with it the unspoken expectation of having to always know what you are talking about and of never making a mistake. As they like to say in consulting ‘you are only as good [...]

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​Michael Foley: How to remain flexible, open and generous?

Bergson argued that the comic sense has developed precisely to meet this need, that the social function of comedy is to correct petrifaction by making it laughable. The petrified person, unaware of automatism and eccentricity, becomes a figure of fun: Laughter must be something like this, a kind of social gesture. By the fear it [...]

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Steve Martin: Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

The path that led me to Jordan and the insight he represents began with a 2007 episode of the Charlie Rose show. Rose was interviewing the actor and comedian Steve Martin about his memoir Born Standing Up. They talked about the realities of Martin’s rise. “I read autobiographies in general,” Martin said. “[And I often [...]

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Logan Murray – The Tyranny of Work: How to motivate the comic mind

Part 1 Every comedy writer goes through a stage (usually several times a week), when they stare blankly out of the window and wonder if they will ever have another creative idea ever again. A black fug descends and every idea seems laboured or banal. An over-riding desire to sort out your sock draw arises. [...]

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Through the Body: Pass the Laugh 

Here is an easy and practical game to 'pass the laugh': "​Four or five is an optimum number for this game. You can play it sitting or standing in a line. Someone enters with the laugh merely a glint in their eye. As they make eye contact with the next person they 'pass the laugh' [...]

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Interview with Stewart Gamble: Positive or Negative Criticism Always Spurs Me On 

We caught up with Somerset based comedian and songwriter, Stewart Gamble. Stewart will be appearing at the Devon LaughFest 2016.  1. What is the last thing that made you laugh out loud?  Banter and silliness, with my 15yr. old son at the breakfast table. Yesterday morning we found ourselves in hysterics, saying in a Scots [...]

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Richard Osman: A Pointless History of the World: Invention of Jokes

"​The most important development in human history - more than writing, more than fire, more than Monster Munch - is the invention of jokes. Before we had jokes, most conversations went like this 'Knock knock.' 'Who's there?' 'Ugg' 'How did you manage to knock, Ugg? I live in a cave, and the entrances to caves [...]

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Interview with Steve Roe: Michael Palin Said Hoopla is a Good Idea

We caught up the director and founder of Hoopla Improv, Steve Roe. 1.What is the last thing that made you laugh out loud?  Listening to my wife (Georgina Roe) on an improv podcast. She's really funny and we do a lot of improv things around the house, characters pop up all over the place. I'm [...]

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Amy Schumer: How To Become Stand-Up Comedian

“Once you own your jokes and stand by them, you can relax. Being tentative sours the crowd. They see your fear and then they can’t laugh. They want to have fun, not worry about your next move. If they have to cringe or feel bad for you, their experience is ruined and they are taken [...]

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Press Release: Devon LaughFest 2016

Devon LaughFest 2016 aims to unleash the comedian within you Exeter, Devon - October 7 - Seasoned comedians, budding performers and anyone who wants to dip their toe into the world of comic creativity are invited to get together and "find their funny" at the inaugural Devon LaughFest 2016, which is taking place in Exeter [...]