Interview with Steve Roe: Michael Palin Said Hoopla is a Good Idea

We caught up the director and founder of Hoopla Improv, Steve Roe. 1.What is the last thing that made you laugh out loud?  Listening to my wife (Georgina Roe) on an improv podcast. She's really funny and we do a lot of improv things around the house, characters pop up all over the place. I'm [...]

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Amy Schumer: How To Become Stand-Up Comedian

“Once you own your jokes and stand by them, you can relax. Being tentative sours the crowd. They see your fear and then they can’t laugh. They want to have fun, not worry about your next move. If they have to cringe or feel bad for you, their experience is ruined and they are taken [...]

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Press Release: Devon LaughFest 2016

Devon LaughFest 2016 aims to unleash the comedian within you Exeter, Devon - October 7 - Seasoned comedians, budding performers and anyone who wants to dip their toe into the world of comic creativity are invited to get together and "find their funny" at the inaugural Devon LaughFest 2016, which is taking place in Exeter [...]

Cicero’s Comedy: Cicero’s Tragic End Due To His Sense of Humour

'If we are not ashamed to think it, we should not be ashamed to say it.' 106-43 BC, Marcus Tiberius Cicero, Great Roman Orator, Politician and Philosopher "The busy head of state enjoyed Cicero’s sense of humor and received daily reports of his latest sallies, even if some of them were at his expense. Different [...]

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Robert Garnham: Poetry As Comedy 

My name is Robert Garnham and I call myself a spoken word artist. I call myself a spoken word artist because that sounds kind of worthy and interesting and perhaps even a bit youthful, but what I actually mean is that I'm a comedy poet. I perform funny poems at people. Some of the time, [...]

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Interview with Adam Skuse: English Comedian in China

You started doing standup comedy in Shanghai, which doesn’t figure on many people’s lists of great comedy cities.  Well, it should! When I started out in January 2013, the country’s first full-time comedy club, Kungfu Komedy, had just been opened in the city by a group of comics who’d been running itinerant open mics and [...]

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Interview with Richard James: If You Are Gonna Make Someone Cry, Make Them Cry With Laughter

We caught up with Devon based comedian Richard James, presenter of Phonic Boom with Marcus Gill on Phonic FM and co-founder of The Comedy Avengers. 1. What is the last thing that made you laugh out loud? The last thing that made me laugh out loud was an old episode of Curb your Enthusiasm I just [...]

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Richard James: The West Country Comedy Scene 

The Westcountry; a land of pasties, clotted cream and summer holiday caravan traffic chaos, but much more than that, a land of hilariously talented comedians taking the charm of the South West across the nation. The people of the Westcountry were once famed as great explorers who travelled far and wide, returning to these picturesque [...]

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Interview with Josephine Larsen: Author of The Power of Acting

We caught up with actor, teacher, author of and creator, Josephine Larsen.   1. What  is  the  last  thing  that  made  you  laugh  out  loud? Watching  a  player,  in  one  of my  play  sessions, being  a  Hyena  with the  secret  mission  of  flirting  with another player,  who  was being  a Slug. The  Slugs secret  mission [...]

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Generation M: Comedy

"In the UK, a food brand has been launched under the name Haloodies, combining 'foodies' and 'halal'. The description was launched at the UK's first Halal Food Festival, held in London in 2013. It encapsulates a rising trend of Muslims who take their food very seriously but are struggling to have their passion catered for [...]

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