Tim Ferris: Tools of Titans – B. J. Novak

“A good comedy operates the exact same way a good mystery operates. [Which is] the punchline is something that is right in front of your face the whole time and you never would have put your finger on it.” B.J. Novak (TW: @BJNOVAK) is best known for his work on NBC’s Emmy Award–winning comedy series The [...]

​Michael Foley: How to remain flexible, open and generous?

Bergson argued that the comic sense has developed precisely to meet this need, that the social function of comedy is to correct petrifaction by making it laughable. The petrified person, unaware of automatism and eccentricity, becomes a figure of fun: Laughter must be something like this, a kind of social gesture. By the fear it [...]

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Critical Thinking: Humour Helps to Maintain Clarity of Thought

“Be happy, smile, and maintain a sense of humor. Critical thinking is believed to be mentally stressful which is why a lot of people don’t engage in practicing it. Actually, it is really mentally stressful. That is why this tip was given for you to be able to cope with the rigors of critical thinking. [...]

Business Creativity: Ask A Stupid Question

​"This tool is a great way to break down assumptions about the challenge you need to solve, as well as making sure there is not an obvious but brilliant solution right under your noses. Stupid questions can provoke laughter, which, as previously discussed, is the perfect state in which to be creative.  1. Consider your [...]

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The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker: Joke Writing

"How to Make Connections Others Don't Exercise 5: Jokes Why jokes? We do these exercises because this particular genre of jokes is built on connections. What do you get if you cross A with B? What's the difference between A and B? What do A and B have in common? Laughter ensues because the connection [...]

The Funny Thing About Laughter by Oliver Burkeman

“A few years ago, Robert Provine, who is probably the world’s leading laughter scientist, set out to discover what cracks us up. He and his researchers monitored thousands of human interactions, noting who said what, and who laughed in response. Strap on your surgical ribcage support right now, because I’m about to reveal some of [...]

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The Art of Creative Thinking: Take Jokes Seriously

"When Mark Zuckerberg helped to create Facebook, he wasn’t trying to build a global company; he was indulging in subversive humor. Facebook was developed to allow fellow students at Harvard to select the best-looking person from a choice of photos. It caused outrage and was banned by the college, but it was so popular that [...]

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How to Have Great Ideas: Write and Tell Jokes

'Make 'em laugh' by John Ingledew "Learning to write and tell jokes can be a shortcut to learning to think creatively. Wit has been described as 'cerebral acrobatics', and like much creativity it needs mental agility - flips, leaps and pirouettes - in order to succeed. A joke is an idea shared with an audience. [...]

Predatory Thinking: Winning is Nice, But Losing is Learning

Randy Pausch was professor of computer science at an American University. He was invited to give a speech called 'Your Last Lecture'. The university invited interesting people to give this talk. The theme was always the same. If this was the last lecture you were ever going to give, what would you say? What would [...]

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Comedy, Creativity & Complex Thinking: The Power of Habit

We don't immediately see a direct connection between innovation, complex thinking and comedy. Charles Duhigg, in his highly acclaimed book 'The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business' (2013) points out that "when you dream up a new invention or laugh at a friend’s joke, it’s the outside parts [...]

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