Ken Feit: Foolish Wisdom – Akhi, The Beggar

Allah!!! (shouted very loudly - and drawn out) Greetings, strangers. Welcome to the market place. My name is Akhi, and I am a beggar. All day long I sit here in the market place, and I beg. People push and shove. They buy and sell. But Akhi, he sits and begs. Perhaps you wonder why [...]

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Christopher Hamilton: How to Deal with Adversity

"We always secretly believe that we are the tragic hero of our own conflicts. But think of yourself as a jester instead. Then you might find that you achieve a better balance between what you want from another person and what you actually get from him or her."  Dr Christopher Hamilton "The truth to which [...]

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Character and Laughter: Simplest Way to Tell True Character

"The clearest indication of character, is what people find laughable." Goethe I have a distant cousin in Greece, he has mild learning difficulties and physical disability. He walks slumped, with a heavy limp, leaning on his right side. He is a one of the kindest people I know, happy go lucky, smiles and laughs all [...]

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