Paul Entwistle: The Great Pagliacci

‘If you ask me, rechargeable batteries are positively revolting.’ I’ve not felt very funny recently. Combination of family things, work things, just thing things really. Nothing major but a general comedy malaise. Obviously with this being very much a part time endeavour I can dip in and out as my mood allows, but I do [...]

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Diary of a Funeral Celebrant: A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the Bathroom

Waking in my usual haze this morning I hit my elbow as I blundered into the bathroom doorway. “It’s a funny thing…”, I thought; the ‘funny bone’ is named after the word ‘humerus’ or ‘umerus’ in Middle English, which means ‘upper arm’ or ‘shoulder’. It has nothing to do with humour at all - which [...]

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Jayus: A joke so unfunny you have to laugh

When your children are small, you want to make them laugh and be happy, and so you tell them jokes- simple jokes, the sort they'll understand, with puns and pitfalls and probably a few rude noises as well. They will want to please you in return, in the way that children do, and so, even [...]

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The Glass Wall: Success Strategies For Women In Business: Be Funny

"Humour in the workplace is one way of cutting through the competition getting you a profile that will bring you a more senior role. ..... On the way up think of use of humour as a way to get noticed, but make sure you're being noticed in the right way. If you need to put [...]

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Life is Good: Three Ways to Keep on the Funny Side

“1. BRING IT HOME. Bring some laughter home to the people you love. Of course you might have any number of important matters to address with them, but first give five minutes to connect and lift the mood with something funny. Trust us, the serious stuff will go much better if you do. And kids [...]

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