George Orwell: Every joke is a tiny revolution 

The Great age of English humorous writing — not witty and not satirical, but simply humorous — was the first three quarters of the nineteenth century. Within that period lie Dickens's enormous output of comic writings, Thackeray's brilliant burlesques and short stories, such as ‘The Fatal Boots’ and ‘A Little Dinner at Timmins's, Surtees'sHandley Cross, Lewis [...]

Paul Entwistle: The Great Pagliacci

‘If you ask me, rechargeable batteries are positively revolting.’ I’ve not felt very funny recently. Combination of family things, work things, just thing things really. Nothing major but a general comedy malaise. Obviously with this being very much a part time endeavour I can dip in and out as my mood allows, but I do [...]

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Tim Ferris: Tools of Titans – B. J. Novak

“A good comedy operates the exact same way a good mystery operates. [Which is] the punchline is something that is right in front of your face the whole time and you never would have put your finger on it.” B.J. Novak (TW: @BJNOVAK) is best known for his work on NBC’s Emmy Award–winning comedy series The [...]

Bell Hooks: Teaching Critical Thinking – Humor in the Classroom

"When we shift our minds into laughter we move from the left brain to the right brain creating a whole new place for thinking and dreaming, for creating great ideas." Bell Hooks Being smart and being serious are traits that teachers value. However, we can become so serious that we leave no place for humor [...]

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Daniel Klein: Gorgias the Ancient Greek Stand-Up Comedian

“First and foremost, nothing exists; second, even if it exists, it is inapprehensible to man; third, even if it is apprehensible, still it is without doubt incapable of being expressed or explained to the next man.” GORGIAS OF LEONTINI, GREEK ORATOR AND PHILOSOPHER (485–380 BC), SOPHIST AND PROTO-NIHILIST (As paraphrased by SEXTUS EMPIRICUS, [160–210 AD], [...]

New Year’s Resolution: Attitude Change and Humour

​In 'The Psychology of Attitudes and Attitude Change' (2015) by Greg Maio and Geoffrey Haddock,  explain how we get to know our specific attitude: Individuals come to "know" their attitudes, emotions, and other internal states partially by inferring them from observations of their own over behavior and/or the circumstances in which this behavior occurs. We [...]

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German Sense of Humour: What Makes Germans Laugh

The Germans take their sense of humour very seriously. It is not a joking matter. Harsh, astringent and satirical is their style. The cabarets of pre-war Berlin are famous. Their bit was ferocious: the nearest modern equivalent is the British Spitting Image, but this is playful by comparison. Classic German satire put the boot in [...]

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Mark Vernon: Menippus of Gadara on the seriousness of laughing

A cheeky smile hangs on the face of Menippus, as painted by the Spanish artist, Velazquez. He looks out at the viewer, half turned away, a sizable chickpea nose separating saucy, knowing eyes that dare you to follow him. He wears the clothes of a commoner, a heavy black cloak that reaches from his shoulders [...]

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Diary of a Funeral Celebrant: A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the Bathroom

Waking in my usual haze this morning I hit my elbow as I blundered into the bathroom doorway. “It’s a funny thing…”, I thought; the ‘funny bone’ is named after the word ‘humerus’ or ‘umerus’ in Middle English, which means ‘upper arm’ or ‘shoulder’. It has nothing to do with humour at all - which [...]

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99 Ways to More Laughter

Here's 99 creative ways to bring more laughter into your life. See whether an of the ideas tickle your funny bone. Why don't you write your own 99 ways to more laughter and email us, we will happily publish them under your name. Start smiling back at the shops and checkouts. A smile helps to strike up a [...]

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