Tim Ferris: Tools of Titans – B. J. Novak

“A good comedy operates the exact same way a good mystery operates. [Which is] the punchline is something that is right in front of your face the whole time and you never would have put your finger on it.” B.J. Novak (TW: @BJNOVAK) is best known for his work on NBC’s Emmy Award–winning comedy series The [...]

The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker: Joke Writing

"How to Make Connections Others Don't Exercise 5: Jokes Why jokes? We do these exercises because this particular genre of jokes is built on connections. What do you get if you cross A with B? What's the difference between A and B? What do A and B have in common? Laughter ensues because the connection [...]

How to Have Great Ideas: Write and Tell Jokes

'Make 'em laugh' by John Ingledew "Learning to write and tell jokes can be a shortcut to learning to think creatively. Wit has been described as 'cerebral acrobatics', and like much creativity it needs mental agility - flips, leaps and pirouettes - in order to succeed. A joke is an idea shared with an audience. [...]