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Sarah Johnson: Notes From a Small Comedian

You know electric cars – do you have to pull the plug out when there’s thunder and lightning? Just a random thought I had as I was waking up one morning. I hadn’t even opened my eyes. Where did that come from? Just a random thought, the start of a joke? Well now I’ve got [...]

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Logan Murray – The Tyranny of Work: How to motivate the comic mind

Part 1 Every comedy writer goes through a stage (usually several times a week), when they stare blankly out of the window and wonder if they will ever have another creative idea ever again. A black fug descends and every idea seems laboured or banal. An over-riding desire to sort out your sock draw arises. [...]

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The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker: Joke Writing

"How to Make Connections Others Don't Exercise 5: Jokes Why jokes? We do these exercises because this particular genre of jokes is built on connections. What do you get if you cross A with B? What's the difference between A and B? What do A and B have in common? Laughter ensues because the connection [...]

How to Have Great Ideas: Write and Tell Jokes

'Make 'em laugh' by John Ingledew "Learning to write and tell jokes can be a shortcut to learning to think creatively. Wit has been described as 'cerebral acrobatics', and like much creativity it needs mental agility - flips, leaps and pirouettes - in order to succeed. A joke is an idea shared with an audience. [...]

What’s Funny About Comedy Writing?

"All creativity comes out of play!" Logan Murray Recently, I attended my first ever comedy writing course with Logan Murray, author of Get Started in Stand-Up Comedy. I went into the course with a heavy heart, thinking that this is going to be an all day of hard slog. Comedians, take comedy very seriously, writing [...]

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