George Orwell: Every joke is a tiny revolution 

The Great age of English humorous writing — not witty and not satirical, but simply humorous — was the first three quarters of the nineteenth century. Within that period lie Dickens's enormous output of comic writings, Thackeray's brilliant burlesques and short stories, such as ‘The Fatal Boots’ and ‘A Little Dinner at Timmins's, Surtees'sHandley Cross, Lewis [...]

Paul Entwistle: Play Some Neil Diamond

​‘Whats the difference between a date and a prune? There’s no chance of a shag at the end of a prune.’ Thank you, I’m here all week. Try the scampi, etc, etc. So I mentioned in last weeks post that I’d been planning to write a new set this month. This finally got its first [...]

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Game of Thrones: Most Jokes Are Lies

​Game of Thrones, season 4. The Red Woman, Lady Melisandre is having a bath and the queen, Selyse Baratheon, walks in surprised and apologetic. Melisandre: When I looked at the flames this morning, the Lord spoke to me. He said, tonight you will have your last good bath in a long while. Make it count. [...]

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Tim Ferris: Tools of Titans – B. J. Novak

“A good comedy operates the exact same way a good mystery operates. [Which is] the punchline is something that is right in front of your face the whole time and you never would have put your finger on it.” B.J. Novak (TW: @BJNOVAK) is best known for his work on NBC’s Emmy Award–winning comedy series The [...]

Bell Hooks: Teaching Critical Thinking – Humor in the Classroom

"When we shift our minds into laughter we move from the left brain to the right brain creating a whole new place for thinking and dreaming, for creating great ideas." Bell Hooks Being smart and being serious are traits that teachers value. However, we can become so serious that we leave no place for humor [...]

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John Berger: On Laughter

Laughter is not a reaction but a contribution. What can happen in twenty-four hours may outlast a century. .... Of the seven court jesters whom Velázquez painted close-up portraits of, three were dwarfs, one was boss-eyed, and two were rigged out in absurd costumes. Only one looked relatively normal – Pablo from Valladolid. Their job [...]

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German Sense of Humour: What Makes Germans Laugh

The Germans take their sense of humour very seriously. It is not a joking matter. Harsh, astringent and satirical is their style. The cabarets of pre-war Berlin are famous. Their bit was ferocious: the nearest modern equivalent is the British Spitting Image, but this is playful by comparison. Classic German satire put the boot in [...]

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Richard Osman: A Pointless History of the World: Invention of Jokes

"​The most important development in human history - more than writing, more than fire, more than Monster Munch - is the invention of jokes. Before we had jokes, most conversations went like this 'Knock knock.' 'Who's there?' 'Ugg' 'How did you manage to knock, Ugg? I live in a cave, and the entrances to caves [...]

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Life is Good: Three Ways to Keep on the Funny Side

“1. BRING IT HOME. Bring some laughter home to the people you love. Of course you might have any number of important matters to address with them, but first give five minutes to connect and lift the mood with something funny. Trust us, the serious stuff will go much better if you do. And kids [...]

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Charles Timoney: Le Sens de L’Humour Britannique

"The one thing that really causes problems for the British when they visit France is their sense of humour. It never occurred to me that my sense of humour could be the source of such a fuss. The basic problem is my own fault: I am particularly British when it comes to jokes. When I [...]

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