Diary of a Funeral Celebrant: We Are Such Stuff As Dreams Made On

I am driving along a familiar road, admiring the dark wintry trees lining the way and following a small white car which is not going very fast. Suddenly I have the premonition of an accident, so I pull back and follow more slowly. Half a mile later the little white car pulls into the right [...]

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Gustave Flaubert on Laughter

​For the task of demoralising the dupes, posers, and naïve people preaching virtue and happiness,  Flaubert honed a weapon: his sense of the grotesque. Victor Hugo had sung the praises of the grotesque in his manifesto on Romantic drama: "It penetrates everywhere,"  he wrote, "for in the same way that the most vulgar people have [...]

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Interview with Sister Martinette Rivers: When life is no joke, laugh anyway 

We caught up with retired Theology Professor, writer, gerontologist and nun in an Italian Order of Nuns working all over the world, Sister Martinette Rivers. 1. What is the last thing that made you laugh out loud?  Seeing a man wearing high heeled red boots today. 2. What is your favourite anecdote or joke? Have [...]

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Diary of a Funeral Celebrant: Many Happy Returns of the Day

I am a year older. When my friends have birthdays I say that it’s generous of them to admit to being a year older just so that the rest of us get to enjoy cake, but when it’s my annual celebration I get to thinking about mortality - after all, I spend my working days [...]

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Leonard Cohen on Leonard Cohen: Laughing Len

"When things get truly desperate, you start laughing…. You experience what it really means to crack up." Leonard Cohen DS: Yet over the years you’ve developed a wonderful sense of humor, mostly about yourself. LC: It’s refreshing to hear you say that. I was reading the reviews of this in England, and there they were [...]

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Tom Rath: Are You Fully Charged? Happiness in a Smile 

“If you allow society to keep redefining happiness for you, you’ll enter a race that you have no chance of winning. Everywhere you turn, something is suggesting that you need more to find true contentment and satisfaction in life. To persuade you to consume more than you have today, marketers will continue to make a [...]

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Christopher Hamilton: How to Deal with Adversity

"We always secretly believe that we are the tragic hero of our own conflicts. But think of yourself as a jester instead. Then you might find that you achieve a better balance between what you want from another person and what you actually get from him or her."  Dr Christopher Hamilton "The truth to which [...]

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Comedy in Adversity: 20 New Aphorisms

1. Instead of reacting with frustration or anger, see if you can respond in a naive playful way without being sarcastic or mean. 2. If you are finding yourself being too reasonable, spend as much effort in being unreasonable. Acting out of character helps with character building. 3. When you see another side to a [...]

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My Perfect Day by Dr. Jane Hendy

"Perfection is not possible – but a great life is lived in moments of perfection, without self-pity, and with gratitude for the good things." 1. What would make you laugh, in your perfect day? Crazy animals at the zoo – I love how free and fun they are - especially the monkey’s 2. What would [...]

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When Breath Becomes Air: Making Light of Death

“The good news is, I’ve already outlived two Brontës, Keats, and Stephen Crane. The bad news is that I haven’t written anything.” Dr. Paul Kalanithi The runaway best seller by Dr. Paul Kalanithi, 'When Breath Becomes Air' (Feb 2016), published posthumously by his wife, is a chillingly sobering look at death and the process of dying. In [...]

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