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Paul Entwistle: How to Get Started in Stand-Up Comedy 

And so it begins...  I lost my job at the Muller Yoghurt factory. Well they said I was cutting corners. That was the first joke I told at the very first stand up gig I ever did. I know it’s not exactly Woody Allen but it got a few chuckles and I was off! Like [...]

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Logan Murray – The Tyranny of Work: How to motivate the comic mind

Part 1 Every comedy writer goes through a stage (usually several times a week), when they stare blankly out of the window and wonder if they will ever have another creative idea ever again. A black fug descends and every idea seems laboured or banal. An over-riding desire to sort out your sock draw arises. [...]

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BE PREPARED: PLAY! by Logan Murray

The one thing we can count on as inevitable as we roll around on this ball of earth is that change is inevitable. Fashions change; hairstyles change (or in the case of 85% of men, recede); mobile phones break more easily.  It seems only 75 million years ago when your forebears were dodging dinosaurs and [...]

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Interview with Logan Murray: I Rescued Stolen Dogs Destined for Cooking Pots

We caught up with comedian, author of best selling 'Get Started in Stand-Up Comedy' and jewellery maker, Logan Murray. 1. What is the last thing that made you laugh out loud? Diane Morgan last night being Philomena Cunk on the TV. I may be a bit biased as she did my course... 2. What is [...]

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What’s Funny About Comedy Writing?

"All creativity comes out of play!" Logan Murray Recently, I attended my first ever comedy writing course with Logan Murray, author of Get Started in Stand-Up Comedy. I went into the course with a heavy heart, thinking that this is going to be an all day of hard slog. Comedians, take comedy very seriously, writing [...]

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