Amy Schumer: How To Become Stand-Up Comedian

“Once you own your jokes and stand by them, you can relax. Being tentative sours the crowd. They see your fear and then they can’t laugh. They want to have fun, not worry about your next move. If they have to cringe or feel bad for you, their experience is ruined and they are taken [...]

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Harold Guskin: Attack Your Fear – Advice From Renowned New York Acting Coach 

​"Fear is a big subject in acting. It is always with us, no matter how experienced we are. At the beginning of our careers, we're afraid of being untalented, unprofessional, forgettable, or just plain bad. Later we fear being disappointed and undeserving of our success. But there is nothing more consistently frightening than auditioning for [...]

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The Good Immigrant: Black People as the Entertainer by Varaidzo

"For as long as black people have been visible to the Western eye, our collective role has been that of the entertainer. Form being ogled at in the human zoos of the nineteenth century, to now, where our television sets still mostly show us in limiting stereotypical roles: the thug, the hooker, the fresh-off-the-boat minister, [...]