Steve Martin: Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

The path that led me to Jordan and the insight he represents began with a 2007 episode of the Charlie Rose show. Rose was interviewing the actor and comedian Steve Martin about his memoir Born Standing Up. They talked about the realities of Martin’s rise. “I read autobiographies in general,” Martin said. “[And I often [...]

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Logan Murray – The Tyranny of Work: How to motivate the comic mind

Part 1 Every comedy writer goes through a stage (usually several times a week), when they stare blankly out of the window and wonder if they will ever have another creative idea ever again. A black fug descends and every idea seems laboured or banal. An over-riding desire to sort out your sock draw arises. [...]

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Amy Schumer: How To Become Stand-Up Comedian

“Once you own your jokes and stand by them, you can relax. Being tentative sours the crowd. They see your fear and then they can’t laugh. They want to have fun, not worry about your next move. If they have to cringe or feel bad for you, their experience is ruined and they are taken [...]

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Interview with Richard James: If You Are Gonna Make Someone Cry, Make Them Cry With Laughter

We caught up with Devon based comedian Richard James, presenter of Phonic Boom with Marcus Gill on Phonic FM and co-founder of The Comedy Avengers. 1. What is the last thing that made you laugh out loud? The last thing that made me laugh out loud was an old episode of Curb your Enthusiasm I just [...]

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Science Communication: Stand-up Scientists

​"Science and comedy may not seem to be natural cohabitants within the same sentence, but comedy has existing with science for some time, for example in TV sit-coms such as Red Dwarf and Big Bang Theory. There are comedy science cartoons, for example Dexter's Laboratory, and books such as Douglas Adam's Hitchikers Guide to the [...]

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Jim Leitzel: Copying Jokes Is Legal

"Some areas of human endeavor seem appropriate for copyright protection, yet nevertheless fall outside of the current legal copyright regime. These areas, which include fashion design and stand-up comedy, offer evidence of what can be expected to happen more broadly if copyright protection wanes or is eliminated. Design copying in fashion, where it is legal, [...]

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Survey of Economics: The Cost of Laughter 

"Are we paying bigger bucks for smaller yuks? Or is it a lower fee for more glee? Is there a bone to pick with the price of rubber chickens? Is the price of Groucho glasses raising eyebrows, the cost of Mad magazine driving you mad, and, well, you get the idea. Malcolm Kushner, an attorney [...]

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BE PREPARED: PLAY! by Logan Murray

The one thing we can count on as inevitable as we roll around on this ball of earth is that change is inevitable. Fashions change; hairstyles change (or in the case of 85% of men, recede); mobile phones break more easily.  It seems only 75 million years ago when your forebears were dodging dinosaurs and [...]

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Interview with Matt Price: I Failed as a Boxing Writer

We caught up with comedian and comedy trainer Matt Price. 1. What is the last thing that made you laugh out loud? My missus. Martha McBrier. She makes me laugh more than anyone or anything. 2. What is your favourite joke? I prefer stories with jokes in them and still think Mike Birbiglia's Old Mill [...]

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Interview with Will Franken: I Don’t Really Like Jokes

We caught up with character comedian, satirist, mimic and actor, Will Franken. 1. What is the last thing that made you laugh out loud? Rewatching the Wire for the 7th time. Last night saw the 2nd episode of series 5. McNulty asks fellow detective Bunk if he had to get another job, what else was he [...]

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