Paul Entwistle: ComedyBot 3000

“I met a man on the way to the gig tonight who said he only had half an arse. I thought well you’ve got a cheek" I read an article about sex robots the other day.  Apparently, you can get female sexbots now that know every sexual position as well as presumably 147 different languages [...]

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Paul Entwistle: Why Bother?

Social media just seems like a lot of noise sometimes. I look at my Facebook wall and it's akin to being in a nightclub with lots of rooms all playing different genres of music and I'm in a corridor by the toilets with all these sound sources blending into one discordant mush. I want to [...]

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Bennett Arron: Write Here, Write Now…

​I have been a writer for as long as I can remember. I write every day. I’m even writing this now. At the age of eight I wrote a poem about an alien coming to Earth which won a competition and was printed in a newspaper. On the last day of secondary school there was [...]

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Press Release: Devon LaughFest 2016

Devon LaughFest 2016 aims to unleash the comedian within you Exeter, Devon - October 7 - Seasoned comedians, budding performers and anyone who wants to dip their toe into the world of comic creativity are invited to get together and "find their funny" at the inaugural Devon LaughFest 2016, which is taking place in Exeter [...]

Jim Leitzel: Copying Jokes Is Legal

"Some areas of human endeavor seem appropriate for copyright protection, yet nevertheless fall outside of the current legal copyright regime. These areas, which include fashion design and stand-up comedy, offer evidence of what can be expected to happen more broadly if copyright protection wanes or is eliminated. Design copying in fashion, where it is legal, [...]

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Negin Farsad: How To Make White People Laugh

“First Rule of White People: Never talk about White People. Second Rule of White People: White people love conferences.” Negin Farsad, Iranian American comedian, in her recent book goes through a comprehensive list of prejudices of white people and how to make them laugh. Farshad tackles the worst fears of white people, including immigration, body [...]

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Interview with Bennett Arron

We caught up with comedian, author and Identity Theft Expert, Bennett Arron. 1. What is the last thing that made you laugh out loud?  My children. They constantly make me laugh. Sadly I don’t do the same for them. They’re a tough crowd. 2. What is your favourite joke? I’ve yet to write it. 3. What book [...]

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Comedy Is A Losing Game

"Over futile odds, And laughed at by the gods, And now the final frame, Comedy is a losing game." Bane of every comedian is that they have to lose so many times, so that they are beyond caring. They, first of all lose some fairly significant amount of money getting there, whether it be with [...]

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Interview with Ariane Sherine

We caught up with comedian, journalist and writer, creator of the Atheist Bus Campaign, Ariane Sherine. What is the last thing that made you laugh out loud? Probably my best friend Graham, though he might not appreciate being called a thing. What is your own favourite joke? One I wrote, or one I didn't? If [...]

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What’s Funny About Comedy Writing?

"All creativity comes out of play!" Logan Murray Recently, I attended my first ever comedy writing course with Logan Murray, author of Get Started in Stand-Up Comedy. I went into the course with a heavy heart, thinking that this is going to be an all day of hard slog. Comedians, take comedy very seriously, writing [...]

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