Ken Feit: Foolish Wisdom – Akhi, The Beggar

Allah!!! (shouted very loudly - and drawn out) Greetings, strangers. Welcome to the market place. My name is Akhi, and I am a beggar. All day long I sit here in the market place, and I beg. People push and shove. They buy and sell. But Akhi, he sits and begs. Perhaps you wonder why [...]

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New Storytelling Game: Heart Connection

The idea for this game came when I saw the photo above photo by Gerald Waller, in 1946 of an orphan receiving new shoes. I thought to myself, how would it feel if I were to do the same with a random object. I picked up random objects around me and held them in exactly [...]

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Carlo Rovelli: Seven Brief Lessons on Physics: Science and Storytelling

“When we talk about the Big Bang or the fabric of space, what we are doing is not a continuation of the free and fantastic stories which humans have told nightly around campfires for hundreds of thousands of years. It is the continuation of something else: of the gaze of those same men in the [...]

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John Yorke: Into The Woods: Cental Plank to Jokes and Storytelling

"Bad writing explains; good writing shows. Andrew Stanton noted that his theory of 2+2 =?  - of showing rather than telling - doesn't just apply to images. 'I want to get an abortion, but my boyfriend and I are having trouble conceiving.' American comedian Sarah Silveran's joke is built on a classic subversion of expectation. [...]

Robin Dunbar: Evolution of Language and Laughter: Storytelling and Jokes

"​Sitting around a campfire in the semi-dark adds a significant constraint on what can ne done visually, so a vocal channel has obvious advantages if you are going to make most of the opportunity it offers. Laughter is very well but everyday experience suggests one doesn't get quite the same buzz observing people at a [...]

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Interview with Matt Price: I Failed as a Boxing Writer

We caught up with comedian and comedy trainer Matt Price. 1. What is the last thing that made you laugh out loud? My missus. Martha McBrier. She makes me laugh more than anyone or anything. 2. What is your favourite joke? I prefer stories with jokes in them and still think Mike Birbiglia's Old Mill [...]

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Viktor Frankl: How to Develop Sense of Humour

"I practically trained a friend of mine who worked next to me on the building site to develop a sense of humor. I suggested to him that we would promise each other to invent at least one amusing story daily, about some incident that could happen one day after our liberation. He was a surgeon [...]

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Do Story: 10 Storytelling Principles

Bobette Buster, professor of cinematic arts and screenwriter, in her book 'Do Story: How to Tell Your Story So the World Listens' (2013) points out 10 simple principles when writing or delivering a story, anecdote or a joke. Here they are: 1. Tell your story as if you're telling it to a friend, this applies [...]

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Zen Curveball: An Improv Game from Zen Meditation

“During Korean Zen Buddhist Meditation, the master often abruptly interrupts the meditation and asks to his discipline a seemingly irrelevant question. A good discipline gives an equally irrelevant answer. This way they understand each other, with a knowing smile.”* All questions have an answer in them and all answers have more questions in them. That’s [...]

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Random Acts of Kindness: A New Improv Game

I came up with this simple storytelling game couple of weeks ago while we were in the beginning of a workshop and one person was introducing the next person by making up a story about their background. The way we played was, with the whole group in a circle, one person, in this instance the [...]

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